Helpful Links for the Architectural Registration Exam 4.0

All Content Areas:

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)
Schiff Hardin Lectures on A201, A101 and other helpful lectures
2009 IBC Online Format
My Architectural Blog - Random Architectural Facts/Trivia

Programming, Planning & Practice

Whole Building Design Gudie - Architectural Programming - New Urbanism Lecture Series - Andres Duany
Land Use Planning - Residentail Areas (6.48MB-PDF)
Plat -
U.S. HUD - Creating Defensible Space - Oscar Newman (3.70MB-PDF)
The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation
Architect's Handbook For Professional Practice - Recommended Chapters
NCARB 4.0 - Site Zoning Vignette - Section VS Elevation (2.39MB-BMP)
Classical Architectural Terminology (916KB-PDF)

Schematic Design

Table for 4 (T44) Acceptable Layouts
Interior Layout Notes (167KB-PDF)

Building Design & Construction Systems

Schiff Hardin Lectures on A201, A101 and other helpful lectures
Clark, Charles. "Construction Contract Administration of Brickwork." The Construction Specifier [Buffalo, NY] April 2011, volume 64, number 6: 44-53
APA - Wall Bracing - How Vapor Barriers Work
Door Hand Chart
Concrete Foundations and Systems
Galvanic Corrosion Chart
Stair & Ramp Vignette - Handrail Extension Tip
BDSC - NCARB 4.0 Stair Vignette - My solution
BDSC - NCARB 4.0 Roof Vignette - My solution
BDSC - NCARB 4.0 Ramp Vignette - My solution

Construction Documents & Services

Schiff Hardin Lectures on A201, A101 and other helpful lectures
CSI Masterformat Divisions
Review of AIA 2007 Owner/Architect Documents
Links to AIA Contract Documents
CSI Masterformat Divisions

Site Planning & Design

Zoning Terminology from the NYC Department of City Planning
Soils Types, Methods and Compaction
How To Read A Sun Chart (May Show up in BS)
Latent Heat Storage In Building Materials
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Sieve Analysis
Soil Remediation - Soil Density and Proctor Tests
NCARB 4.0 - Site Design Vignette - Noonday Summer Sun Explanation & Tree Usage
NCARB 4.0 - Site Design Vignette - Tips
NCARB 4.0 - Site Grading Vignette - Swales
NCARB 4.0 - Site Grading Vignette - My Approach

Buiding Systems

HVAC Systems Comparison - How Refrigeration Works
Vent Stack - Stack Vent
Illuminance Vs Luminance
Fundamentals of Energy Efficient Lighting
CFL Bulbs
Decible Levels
Psychometric Chart Use
MEEB Edition 10 Practice Quizes
NCARB BS Exam Reference Guide
NCARB 4.0 - Mechanical and Lighting Vignette - My Solution

Structural Systems

NCARB SS Reference Guide
FEMA454 Chapter 1 Video
FEMA454 Chapter 4 Video
FEMA454 Chapter 5 Video
Retaining Walls - Wikipedia - Lateral Loads Video
How to find Seismic Loads - Per IBC
How to find Wind Loads - Per IBC
"Marty's Notes" (56.9MB-PDF)
Moment of Inertia Problem (NCARB 4.0 #6)
CMU Stemmed flanged shear wall (NCARB 4.0 #25)
Overturning and Stabilizing Moment Problem (NCARB 4.0 #31)
ASCE7 Wind Provisions - (PPT presentation)
Structural Bonds in Masonry Walls
Types of Bolts
Whole Building Design Guide's - Wind Safety on the Building Envelope
Weld Symbols (Don't go crazy trying to memorize everything here)
Animation of a Pin Connection Beam to Girder (13.1MB-AVI)
Animation of a Rigid Beam to Beam Splice Connection (15.4MB-AVI)
Animation of a Rigid Beam to Column Connection (12.7MB-AVI)
Animation of a Rigid End Plate Beam to Column Connection (12.1MB-AVI)
Animation of a Roller Thermal Expansion Connection (36.2MB-AVI)
Animation of a Lintel Installed in a Masonry Block Wall (47.9MB-AVI)
Animation of a Pile Installation with Column (31.1MB-AVI)
Animation of a Rigid Frame Installation (17.2MB-AVI)
Animation of a Space Frame Installation (35.3MB-AVI)
Buildings at Risk: Seismic Design Basics for Practicing Architects
Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation - Structural Section
NCARB 4.0 - Structural Systems - Vignette Approach (Free of charge! You have paid enough to Dorf and NCARB right?)

NCARB 3.1 Study Material

NCARB ARE 3.1 Study Guide
Building Layout Vignette
Building Techologies Vignettes (Accessiblity Ramp, Stair, Roof, Building Section & Structural Layouts)
Tips for Solving the Graphics Vignettes
Materials and Methods Mock Exam

My Advice On How To Study For The Vignettes

1. Figure out how much time you have to the actual test
2. Spend a day or two going over people's posted solutions on here - to give you an idea of how things should look etc.
3. Read AND write down everything in the program (the writing everything down part won't be necessary on the actual exam)
4. Attempt your solution and post on Don't be afraid of making mistakes. The mistakes I've made on the vignettes when I've posted them on the forum have 'stuck out' in my mind and helped me even more to avoid those mistakes on the actual exam.
5. Re-do your solution with everyone's comments in mind.
6. Spend the time after you've re-done your solution and a week before the acutal exam to critique other people's solutions. Espeically on those errors that have been made on yours. This will help to reinforce understanding the concepts of the vignette.
7. Re-post your solution on here. I think at this point all your bases will be covered.
8. Test day: Use the sheets of paper they give you. Write down critical information and sketch. Use every minute possible. (You paid to sit there didn't you? Make the most out of it) Go crazy and check everything with sketch circles and lines - if you have the time to. Draw diagrams (espically in the structure vignette) and double check.

Help me help you. Your donations help keep this site going with updates and new guides and tips. Thank you and good luck!

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